Agile Coach/Lean Delivery Agent

Purpose of position

At Awin we’re building Europe’s leading affiliate marketing platform, and we consider Lean and Agile methods to be the pillars of our product development cycle. We aren't dogmatic about one specific process or method. Instead, we combine the best-fitting practices for the situation at hand. That's why we named this position Lean Delivery Agent. Our Lean Delivery Agents play a key role across departments within the entire organisation, supporting and acting to deliver our company goals.

Key Tasks

  • Empower self-organization and Lean thinking within the entire delivery lifecycle.
  • Enable our teams to continuously improve and refine their Agile and Lean practices.
  •  Remove impediments within and outside of the teams.
  •  Visualise processes and bottlenecks, and foster communication.
  • Act as an ambassador for teams, and facilitate trade-offs between business and technical needs.
  • Lead initiatives to continuously improve our processes, practices and communication.
  • Think outside the box and work proactively within the boundaries of our organisation.
  • Promote the “stop starting, start finishing” principle.
  • Work as part of a team of 6 Lean Delivery Agents across both locations (London and Berlin) and benefit from continuous exchange, knowledge transfer and learning.
  • Lead by example and behave as a role model.

Skills & Expertise

What are we looking for?
  •  You know how to sustain Agile practices and lift up Agile teams.
  • You have experience with product and service delivery processes.
  • You actively drive organisational change.
  • You have worked in a scaled Agile environment and are familiar with scaling frameworks (LeSS, SaFe, Nexus and ESP). Your toolbox includes a mix of Kanban, BDD, CD and XP practices.
  • You have experience with traditional service delivery methodologies outside the Agile bubble and are not afraid to combine them in our context.
  • You have coaching skills, and are familiar with how to behave in a multicultural environment.
  • You facilitate change and learning through workshops.
  • You are comfortable working with teams remotely.

  • 2+ years in an Agile software development environment working as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Lean Change Agent or similar role. 
  • Degree in Computer Science, Design, Quality Assurance, Psychology or related field, or 4+ years of relevant work experience.
  • 2+ year Atlassian toolchain experience including administration and maintenance.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • You have a thirst for learning and regularly attend Agile and Lean conferences, coach camps or meetups.

  • Experience with Design Thinking.
  • Agile and Lean Startup principles.
  • Team player by nature.
  • DevOps is a culture and not a role to you.
  • You actively identify areas of personal improvement.
  • Basic spoken German.


Part of the Axel Springer group, Awin is a global affiliate network and the new name for Affiliate Window and zanox. With 15 offices worldwide, 900 employees, 100,000 contributing publishers and 6,000 advertisers, Awin connects customers with brands in over 180 countries around the globe. Operating across the retail, telecommunications, travel and finance verticals, Awin generated €6.2 billion in revenue for its advertisers and €377 million for its publishers in the last financial year.
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